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mp3Icon Bloomberg Radio, New York City - Oct 2011

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linkButton Columbia Town Center Speech and Response - June 1, 2011

linkButton "DC's Height Limit", NPR-WAMU Kojo Nnamdi Show - May 2011

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flashPlayerIcon Leinberger Debates Joel Kotkin, New York City, July, 2010; America 2050; How Will We Build?; Forum on Urban Design *Flash Player

linkButton Interview - Fox Morning News, Birmingham, AL, February, 2009 *Windows Media Player

wmvIcon Kansas City Area Development Council, November 7, 2008. *Windows Media Player

linkButton Interview - NPR; Northern Va. Tries New Model To Battle Sprawl, December 10, 2008

linkButton "The Financial Meltdown Means The Death of Prosperity in the US Suburbs", UK Channel 4; largest TV channel in the country, September 18, 2008

mp3Icon Podcast - Planetizen, The Rise of Walkable Urbanism, February 7, 2008 *MP3

linkButton Interview - The Kojo Nnamdi Show on WAMU, NPR for Washington, DC, January 9, 2008. *Windows Media Player Format

linkButton Interview - CNN; Most Walkable Urban Areas, given December 5, 2007

realplayerIcon Interview - NPR Marketplace; Study Puts Cities' Best Feet Forward. *Real Player

wmvIcon "The Revival of American Downtowns and the Implications for Downtown Sacramento", given January 11, 2007 at the annual meeting of the Downtown Sacramento Partnership, Sacramento, California. *Windows Media Player

wmvIcon "Where the Next $30 Trillion Will Be Invested in the Built Environment Between Now & 2025", given October 26, 2007 at the Urban Land Institute/University of Michigan Annual Real Estate Forum, Detroit, Michigan. *Windows Media Player