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linkButton Infographic: Walkable Urbanism on the Rise - on Pinterest (will need an account to access)

linkButton Emerging Urban Districts in Washington and Boston - Urban Land - April 2016

linkButton Urban development expert calls former Blue Ash airport 'a gem' - Cincinnati Business Courier - April 2016

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linkButton Industry Outlook: Getting Density Right - Urbanland - February 2016

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linkButton Tony Hsieh and the Rebirth of Downtown Las Vegas - Newsweek - January 2016

linkButton Betting on Easton is paying off for developers - The Morning Call - December 2015

linkButton Slide in home ownership threatens the american dream - USA Today - November 2015

linkButton Leaders say better transportation options can connect communities, people to jobs - The Advocate - November 2015

linkButton Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis Leads First 'Walkability' Survey of Metro New York - GWToday - September 2015

linkButton The Wealth In Walkable Regions - Tri-Town News - August 2015

linkButton Turning Suburban Tysons Into a Walkable City Will Take Time - Citylab - August 2015

articleButton Core Values Media Clip Book - June 2015

articleButton Michigan WalkUP Media Clip Book - June 2015

articleButton Boston WalkUP Media Clip Book - June 2015

linkButton Metro Sees Land Development Leading to Big Ridership Increases - WAMU - April 2015

linkButton For downtown L.A.'s pedestrians, citations send a 'don't walk' signal - Los Angeles Times - April 2015

linkButton A new push for more walkable US cities - American Heart Association - April 2015

linkButton The Audacious Plan to Turn a Sprawling DC Suburb into a Big City - Washingtonian.com - March - 2015

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linkButton Boston is on track to become the most walkable city in America - The Boston Globe - March - 2015

linkButton Report: Boston on the Cutting Edge of 'Urban Renaissance' - WBUR.org - March - 2015

linkButton Greater Boston Needs More Walkable Urban Places - WBUR.org - March - 2015

linkButton The Future of Walkability in Atlanta - About.com - March - 2015

linkButton Living Small in the City: With More Singles, Micro-Housing Gets Big - NPR - February - 2015

linkButton Rise of Walking for Fun & Fitness as a Social Trend - Huffington Post - December - 2014

linkButton Mini D.C.'s: a small-city boom revitalizes downtowns once left for dead - Washington Post - November 2014

linkButton The urban future of the American suburb - Government Executive - November 2014

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linkButton Walking back to happiness - Property Report - November 2014

linkButton TOD biggest trend of century, says new report - Real Estate Weekly - October 2014

linkButton Walkable Urbanism and the Ebd of Sprawl - NAIOP - October 2014


article*Button Summary of news related to FOOT TRAFFIC AHEAD (300+ Articles)

linkButton A Conversation: With Christopher B. Leinberger - Land Use Integrity - August 2014

linkButton Where No One Walks (Because There Is No Sidewalk) - Next City - August 2014

linkButton The Suburb Of The Future Is Here - Salon - July 2014

linkButton Is The American Dream Of Large Lot Single-Family Homes Crumbled Forever? - Urban Shapers - Dec 2011

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linkButton Urbanizing Metro Detroit's Suburbia - Metromodemedia.com - March 2014

article*Button The New Urbanism: A Walkthrough with Chris Leinberger - GWU - Spring 2013

linkButton Atlanta no longer 'Sprawl City' - USA today - October 2013

linkButton Atlanta says goodbye (sort of) to sprawl - The Wall Street Journal - October 2013

linkButton Have we reached peak sprawl? - The Atlantic Cities.com - October 2013

linkButton Is Atlanta's shift to infill development the canary in the sprawl coal mine? - Planetizen.com - October 2013

linkButton Atlanta, hotbed of walkable real estate - Bettercities.net - October 2013

linkButton Leinberger's latest on metro Atlanta: Era of sprawl ending - Saporta Report - October 2013

linkButton Study: Decatur's walkability is linked to economic success - Decatur.patch.com - October 2013

linkButton Will Alphretta and Milton become WalkUP communities? - Alphretta.patch.com - October 2013

linkButton Has ATLs sprawl finally met its limits? Some say yes - Atlanta Curbed - October 2013

linkButton Is Atlanta done with sprawl? - DC Streets Blog - October 2013

linkButton Could Atlanta teach Prince George's about smart growth? - Greater Greater Washington - October 2013

linkButton Walkable urban places - in the suburbs, too - Atlanta Journal Constitution - October 2013

linkButton As more walkable places emerge, Atlanta is 'becoming a really cool city', Saporta Reportt - Oct 2013

linkButton "With the kids gone, aging Baby Boomers opt for city life", Washington Post - August 2013

linkButton "Hip, Urban, Middle-Aged", Wall Street Journal - August 2013

linkButton "If you build it, they will come: How Cleveland lured young professionals downtown", TheAtlanticCities.com - August 2013

linkButton "Public Transit Keeps Stumbling in Congress Despite Major Needs", NationalJournal.com - July 2013

linkButton "DC Officials Propose Lowering Parking Spot Requirements for Developments", WAMU - July 2013

linkButton "Li needs more 'walkable urban spaces': expert", Newsday.com - June 2013

linkButton "Do American Households Really Prefer "Sprawl" Development", Bacon's Rebellion - May 2013

linkButton "Lehigh Valley cities ready to boom", The Morning Call - May 2013

linkButton "Nine Takeaways from the Live. Work. Walk. Conference", dc.curbed.com - March 2013

linkButton "BeltLine Provides New Life to Railroad Tracks in Atlanta", The New York Times - February 2013

linkButton "Idea Exchange moves DC toward transportation fun", Greater Greater Washington - February 2013

linkButton "Walkable Urbanism as Foreign Policy", The Atlantic Cities- January 2013

linkButton "Toll Brothers Goes Condo", Wall Street Journal - January 2013

linkButton "WalkUPs: A Real Estate Model for the 21st Century", Smart Growth MD - December 2012

linkButton "Walkability increasingly drives developers and real estate market", Washington Post- November 2012

linkButton "Bicycling means better business", Greenlaneproject.org - November 2012

linkButton "Are walkable neighborhoods the future?", Washington Post - November 2012

linkButton "DC area neighborhoods: Which ones are poised for boom? Which ones could fizzle?", Washington Post - November 2012

articleButton "Guiding investment into urban centers", Better Cities & Towns - October 2012

linkButton "The walkable urban trend in the Seattle regionl", Bettercities.net - September 2012

linkButton "Invasion of the faux cities", Salon.com - September 2012

linkButton "Leinberger: Walkable Urbanism is the Future, and DC is the Model", DC.StreetsBlor.org - September 2012

linkButton "Report Reveals DC's 43 Walkable Urban Places", dc.urbanturf.com - September 2012

linkButton "Prince George's County Executive to Talk About Walkable Urban Places", The Washington Post - September 2012

linkButton "'Walkable Urban' places enjoy economic success, but face social equity challenges", GreaterGreaterWashington.org- September 2012

linkButton "Walkable Urbanism Sets the Pace for Real Estate Recovery", Planetizen.com - September 2012

linkButton "Report finds 'Walkable Urban' is hot in D.C.", Washington Business Journal - September 2012

linkButton "Detailing DC's Shift to Walkable Urbanism", Planetizen.com - September 2012

linkButton "Is 'Walkable Urbanism' the Future of Real Estate?", Chicago Agent Magazine - September 2012

linkButton "Most growth happening in walkable urban neighborhoods", GreaterGreaterWashington.org- September 2012

linkButton Study: Shift to Walkable Urban Places is Good News for the Economy - Bettercities.net - Aug 2012

linkButton "Report: In DC Area, Developers Flock to 'Walkable Urban'", Wall Street Journal - September 2012

linkButton "The Next Major Real Estate Cycle: Walkable Urbanism?", www.theatlanticcities.com - September 2012

linkButton "Young home buyers seek 'walkability'", www.startribune.com- August 2012

linkButton "Where it all went wrong", www.atlantamagazine.com- August 2012

linkButton "Expert: White 'burbs 'racialized' MARTA", www.mdjonline.comn - July 2012

linkButton "Forum shows division over transportation tax", www.ajc.comn - July 2012

linkButton "Walkable Neighborhoods Can't Just Be For Rich People", Good - June 2012

linkButton "Can 'New Urbanism' Bring Health to Your Neighborhood?", US News- June 2012

linkButton "Why We Pay More for Walkable Neighborhoods", TheAtlanticCities.com - May 2012

linkButton "Is it Time for D.C. to Grow Up?", Wall Street Journal - May 2012

linkButton "Chris Leinberger tells Rotary how Atlanta can become hot again", Saporta Report- April 2012

linkButton "Around the Washington region, developers are looking up", Washington Post- Mar 2012

linkButton "Walkable Urbanism is Key to New Jersey's Future", New Jersey Future Newsletter- Mar 2012

linkButton "Changing Skyline: Suburbia's outer ring losing shine", Philadelphia Inquirer- Jan 2012

linkButton "The new America dream: developer says people want walkable urban options", Weld for Birmingham - Jan 2012

linkButton "Hotlanta is not hot", Curbed Atlanta- Jan 2012

articleButton "A Conversation with Chris Leinberger", FPR - Jan 2012

articleButton "Study: streetcars could bring $8B in development for D.C.", Washington Post - Jan 2012

articleButton "New Opportunity for Urbanists: Occupy Wall Street", New Urban News - Dec 2011

articleButton "From Suburban to Urban", Detroit Metromode, By Kim North Shine - Dec 2011

linkButton "Walkable urbanist Chris Leinberger defines his vision for Mobile", Lagniappemobile web site, Mobile AL based blog - Oct 2011

linkButton "Is Suburbia Doomed? Not so fast", Forbes - Nov 2011

articleButton "U.S. Farmers Reclaim Land From Developers", Wall Street Journal, By Robbie Whelan - Nov 2011

articleButton "Speaker Series recap: Christopher Leinberger on urbanism and economic development", Model D - Oct 2011

articleButton "Deep Thoughts: Real Estate Did these Shopping Centers Create the Great Recession?", Curbed-Atlanta, By Josh Lindenbaum - Oct 2011

linkButton "The 19 Building Types That Caused the Recession", The Atlantic Cities Channel - Oct 2011

articleButton "Expert: Commuter rail will drive development", Macon Telegraph, By Linda S. Morris - July 2011

articleButton "Did Smart Growth Fuel the Property-Price Boom?", Wall Street Journal - June 2011

linkButton Summary of Columbia, MD blogs on Speech - June 2011

articleButton "Suburbs Ain't What They Used To Be", Shareable Cities, By Jay Walljasper - May 2011

articleButton "Walkability and the new urbanism", Hamilton (Canada) Spectator, By Meredith MacLeod - May 2011

articleButton "Columbia dodged development bullet with proximity to D.C., expert says", Baltimore Sun, By Janene Holzberg - May 2011

articleButton "Census: MSP grows, but only on the edge; experts see trouble ahead", Minneapolis Post, By Steve Berg - March 2011

articleButton "Expert: Built Environment to Blame for High Energy Use", Memphis Daily News, By Sarah Baker - March 2011

articleButton "Q4: Christopher Leinberger", Rochester Business Journal - Jan 2011

articleButton "Review: The Option of Urbanism by Christopher Leinberger", Micro Urban, By Peter Kamali - Jan 2011

articleButton "Are You Buying Into A Good Neighborhood?", SmartMoney.com, By AnnaMaria Andriotis - Dec 2010

articleButton "Downtowns Get A Fresh Lease", Wall Street Journal - Dec 2010

article*Button "Downtowns Get a Fresh Lease: Suburbs Lose Office Workers to Business Districts, Reversing a Post-War Trend", Wall Street Journal, By Anton Troianovski - Dec 13, 2010

article*Button "Compact Real Estate: The Stimulus We Need?", Citistates.net, By Neal Peirce - Nov 12, 2010

article*Button "Christopher Leinberger Explains Why Washington, DC, is a Model for Walkable Redevelopment", Treehugger.com, By David DeFranza - Oct 27, 2010

articleButton "Transit links crucial to suburban prosperity", Atlanta Journal-Constitution, By Jay Bookman - Oct 26, 2010

articleButton "The Rise of the Walkable City", The Infrastructuralist, By Eric Jaffe - Oct 26, 2010

articleButton "The Next Boom", YGLESIAS - Oct 24, 2010

article*Button "The Elusive Small-House Utopia", New York Times, By Andrew Rice - Oct 15, 2010

articleButton "Pistons addition could help make city a top destination", Detroit Free Press, By Katherine Yung - Oct 6, 2010

articleButton "Bringing it to the center", Real Estate BIXNOW: Houston - Oct 1, 2010

article*Button "How SoHo Can Save the Suburbs", Wall Street Journal, By Richard Florida - Oct 1, 2010

articleButton "Importance of being human", Ottawa Citizen, By John F. Wasik - Aug 21, 2010

articleButton "Planner: Policies Weren’t Smart", Baton Rouge Advocate - Aug 20, 2010

articleButton "Going Back To Rockville", Reuters, By Helen Chernikoff and Al Yoon - Aug 2010

article*Button "America in 2050: Urban, Suburban, or Both?", Fast Company, By Greg Lindsay - July 12, 2010

articleButton "Welcome To The Neighbourhood", Toronto Lofts - June 2010

articleButton "Making Up For Transit Shortfalls", New Urban News, By Philip Langdon - June 2010

articleButton "Land Matters", Atlanta Regional Commision, By Dan Reuter - June 2010

articleButton "Dense, Walkable Urban Cities Create YIMBY Neighbors", Treehugger.com, By April Streeter - May 29, 2010

article*Button "Should Public Transit be Private?", Wall Street Journal - May 19, 2010

articleButton "Will Real Estate Developers Build Our Mass Transit?", The Infrastructurist, By Melissa Lafsky - May 17, 2010

articleButton "The Future Does Need To Be Paid For", Discovering Urbanism - May 16, 2010

articleButton "Poverty Reaches the Suburbs", Change.org, by Charlotte Hill - Feb 10, 2010

article*Button "Introducing The Master Plan: A Chronicle of New Urbanism and Exurban Decay", Fast Company, By Greg Lindsay - Feb 1, 2010

link*Button "The Suburbanization of Poverty", The Atlantic On‐line, By Nicole Allan - Jan 22, 2010

articleButton "The Washington Nationals and the Capitol Riverfront Neighborhood", Jaybird’s Jottings - Jan 3, 2010

articleButton "Tale of Two Cities", Charlotte Magazine, by Charlotte Hill - Jan 2010

articleButton "Green Line = New Red Line?", Washington Business Journal - Dec 24, 2009

articleButton "Capital Ideas: Christopher Leinberger", by Brad Garmon - Dec 16, 2009

article*Button "Christopher B. Leinberger Profile: Proponent of ‘Walkable’ Urban Areas Sees Tide Moving Away From Suburbia", By The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. - Nov 17, 2009

articleButton "Bedroom community blues: foreclosure crisis creating suburban slums", by Bill Myers and David Sherfinski; Washington Examiner - Oct 22, 2009

articleButton "What Washington Can Do For — And Alongside — Metro Area Planners", by Elana Schor; Streetsblog - Oct 14, 2009

articleButton "The Economic Argument For Walkability", by Mathew Katz; Streetsblog and World Changing blog - Oct 12, 2009

article*Button "Top 100 Urban Thinkers. Results of the Planetizen's 2009 poll", Planetizen - Sept 14, 2009. Also available at http://www.planetizen.com/topthinkers

articleButton "Homes Underwater: A Stumbling Block for Recovery", by Martha C. White; Washington Independent - Sept 1, 2009

articleButton "Cost/Benefit Analysis of Walking?", by Cory Vanderpool; Triple Pundit Web Site - Aug 24, 2009

articleButton "Cutting Edge Displacement?", by Jake Thomas; Portland Observer - Aug 21, 2009

articleButton "On the Mat, Florida Wonders Which Way Is Up", by Damien Cave; New York Times - Aug 16, 2009

articleButton "Returning to mass transit and walkability", By Chris McCarus; Detroit Free Press - May 18, 2009

articleButton "Christopher B. Leinberger Profile: Insights from Leading Experts on Sustainability", by Charles Lockwood; The Green Quotient - May 1, 2009

article*Button "A Tale of Two Exurbs", By Ben Adler; The American Prospect - April 27, 2009

articleButton "Brookings Institution scholar calls Boise downtown remarkable", Idaho Business Review - April 22, 2009

articleButton "Walkable urbanism expert to Boise: We need you as a model.", By Bethann Stewart; Idaho Statesmen - April 22, 2009

articleButton "Walkable cities are key to economic recovery", By Brad Garmon and Gil White; The Detroit News - April 16, 2009

articleButton "Capital Ideas Interview", CapitalGains Website, Birmingham Weekly - April 4, 2009

article*Button "In the Exurbs, the American Dream Is Up for Rent", By Conor Dougherty; Wall Street Journal - March 30, 2009

articleButton "Christopher B. Leinberger: Capital leads in transit-oriented planning", Sacramento Bee - March 18, 2009

articleButton "Imagine Raleigh without sprawl", By Bob Geary; Raleigh Independent Weekly - March 18, 2009

articleButton "Recession Turns Suburbs Into Wastelands", By Eileen Gunn; The Street.Com - March 13, 2009

articleButton "Book Review: Short list of accessible, concise books", Where Website - March 2009

articleButton "Walkable Talk", By Mark Kelly, Birmingham Weekly - Feb 28, 2009

articleButton "Lifestyle Preferences Are Shifting", By Bill Cunniff; Chicago Sun-Times - February 27, 2009

article*Button "Solutions from the Man Who Saw the Whole Thing Coming"; The Infrastructurist - Feb 10, 2009

articleButton "Suburbs Worth Saving?", By Dan Pohlig; WHYY: It’s Our City (Philadelphia) - Feb 10, 2009

articleButton "Stroll to the Future: Walkable Neighborhoods are Next for Dallas; The Dallas Observer - Jan 29, 2009

articleButton "Recommended Reading", YGLESIAS.thinkprogress.org - Jan 2009

articleButton "New Model For Sprawl: Cut Down On Cars", All Things Considered, National Public Radio - Dec 10, 2008

article*Button "Earning More, Commuting Farther", By Prashant Gopal; Business Week - Dec 5, 2008

article*Button "Transportation drives development", New Urban News - December 2008

articleButton "Don't Let Pump-Price Dive Derail Transit Progress"; Indianapolis Star Editorial - Nov 19, 2008

articleButton "Berks County Gets Blueprint for 21st Century Success", By Jason Brudereck; Reading Eagle - Nov 19, 2008

article*Button "Big Box & Beyond", By Joel Garreau; Washington Post - Nov 16, 2008

articleButton "New Urbanism Has Arrived on Our Doorsteps"; Indianapolis Star - Nov 9, 2008

articleButton "Blaming Sprawl for Part of the Economic Crisis", By Steve Berg; Minneapolis Post - Oct 13, 2008

articleButton "Land Scarcity Sparks Tower Talk", Associated Press; Washington Post - Oct 13, 2008

articleButton "Book Cadillac's Big Day is Today as City's Rebirth Continues", By John Gallagher; Detroit Free Press - Oct 6, 2008

articleButton "The Option of Urbanism", By John Calimente; Re:Place Magazine - Sept 19, 2008

articleButton "Walkable Urbanism", By Jim Baer; St Louis Commerce Magazine - Sept 1, 2008

articleButton "The Great Downtown Migration", By Alan Ehrenhalt; Dallas Morning News - Aug 17, 2008

articleButton "Travel Costs Fuel Urban Living Interest", By Jenny Burns; Nashville Business Journal- Aug 15, 2008

article*Button "The Demographic Inversion of the American City", By Alan Ehrenhalt,; The New Republic - Aug 13, 2008

article*Button "The Reading List: 'Trading Places'", By Alan Ehrenhalt; The New Republic - July 25, 2008

article*Button "Escape to New York", By Eric Torbenson; News York Post - July 20, 2008

articleButton "S.F. a step ahead as most 'walkable' U.S. city", By James Temple; San Francisco Chronicle - July 17, 2008

article*Button "Most of the overbuilding during the housing bubble took place in outer-ring suburbs. They are also likely the places to be hit worst by the downturn", By Prashant Gopal; Business Week - July 12, 2008

articleButton "Fuel Prices Force US Rethink", Reuters News Service - July 10, 2008

article*Button "The Dying Suburbs? A Look at the Growing Debate", By Emily Friedlander; Wall Street Journal - July 8, 2008

article*Button "What's The Difference Between Glendale and Palmdale? Don't Ask Joel Kotkin!", By Bill Fulton; Creative Class Group; Richard Florida - July 07, 2008

article*Button "Suburbia's Not Dead Yet", By Joel Kotkin; Los Angeles Times - July 6, 2008

articleButton "Trading Suburbs for the City: A Shift Away from the American Car Culture", By Amy Anaruk; Celsaus Website - July 01, 2008

article*Button "Driving Down Real Estate", By Daniel McGinn; News Week - June 30, 2008

article*Button "Today's suburbs, tomorrow's slums?'", By Jeff Gray; Toronto Globe and Mail - June 30, 2008

articleButton "Stepford No More: The Death of Suburbia", By Cali Zimmerman; NuWire Investor.Com - June 26, 2008

article*Button "A world less flat", By Ryan Avent; The Guardian, United Kingdom - June 25, 2008

article*Button "Rethinking the Country Life as Energy Costs Rise", By Peter S. Goodman; News York Times - June 25, 2008

article*Button "Gas prices latest worry for real estate market", By Roger Vincent; Los Angeles Times - June 17, 2008

article*Button "Suburbs a Mile Too Far for Some", By Jonathan Karp; Wall Street Journal - June 17, 2008

article*Button "Is America's suburban dream collapsing into a nightmare?", By Lara Farrar; CNN.Com - June 16, 2008

articleButton "Is Twilight For Suburbia Looming?", By Geoff Schumacher; Las Vegas Review-Journal - June 1, 2008

articleButton "Transit-Oriented Retail Takes Center Stage", By Eric Peterson; GlobeStreet.Com - May 20, 2008

articleButton "Mixed-use communities appeal to young adults", By Justin Vellucci;Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - May 17, 2008

articleButton "Christopher Leinberger urges Cleveland developers to build walkable neighborhoods", By Steven Litt/Plain Dealer Architecture Critic; Cleveland Plain Dealere - May 13, 2008

articleButton "Christopher Leinberger urges Cleveland developers to build walkable neighborhoods", Posted by jmorona; Cleveland Plain Dealer - May 13, 2008

articleButton "The walkable urbanism, the only option for Malaga", Malaga (Spain) Opinion - May 7, 2008

articleButton "Building boom gives Hollywood pause", By Roger Vincent;Los Angeles Times - May 6, 2008

article*Button "There goes the neighbourhood: mortgage crisis sees suburbs slump", By Dan Glaister; The Guardian - April 28, 2008

articleButton "US Needs Vancouver as a Model'", The Tyee - April 25, 2008

articleButton Book Review: Option of Urbanism, PrancingBull.coml - April 24, 2008

articleButton "Sub-prime", By Ed Viguerie; LexisNexis - April 15, 2008

articleButton "Suburban slums", Daily Journal of Commerce - April 4, 2008

articleButton "As downtowns blossom, nation's burbs face new challenges", By Robert Price; The Bakersfield Californian - March 22, 2008

articleButton "Strategy to promote urban living is sound on many fronts", Editorial; Asheville Citizen-Times - March 21, 2008

article*Button "Is Suburbia Turning Into Slumburbia?", By Carol Lloyd; San Francisco Chronicle - March 14, 2008

articleButton "Greening The Suburbs", By Jim Baer; The New Republic - March 12, 2008

articleButton "Downtown density will prevail over slums of suburbia", By Christopher Hume; Toronto Star - March 3, 2008

articleButton "Branching Out: Alumni Reaching for a Healthy Planet"; Swarthmore College Bulletin - March 2008

articleButton "Tampa's downtown analyzed by Brookings fellow", by Michael Hinman; Tampa Bay Business Journal - Feb 29, 2008

article*Button "Suburban Home Prices May Fall As Demand for Urban Living Grows", By Lauren Baier Kim; Wall Street Journal - Feb 27, 2008

article*Button "Suburbia’s March to Oblivion", by Dan Mitchell; New York Times - Feb 23, 2008

articleButton "Dallas a model for 'walkable' urban centers, land-use expert says", By Sheryl Jean; The Dallas Morning News - Feb 22, 2008

articleButton "Suburban Decay", By Binyamin Appelbaum; Boston Globe - February 20, 2008

article*Button "The Walkability Revival", by Alan Ehrenhalt; Governing Magazine - Feb 2008

articleButton "Review: Leinberger’s The Option of Urbanism", By Rob Goodspeed; The Goodspeed Update - Jan 22, 2008

articleButton "Live Talk Wednesday", by Joe Garcia; Arizona Republic - Jan 16, 2008

articleButton "Getting footloose: Phoenix is catching up with trend"; The Arizona Republic - Jan 14, 2008

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article*Button "Urban renewal: Now you're walking", by Neal Peirce; Seattle Times - Dec 17, 2007

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articleButton "Is Urbanism the New American Dream?", by Unkown; Earthtimes-UK - Dec 04, 2007

articleButton "Discover your neighborhood’s walkability score!", by Kaid Benfield's; The Switchboard Blog: NRDC - Dec 04, 2007

article*Button "Study: Washington Top City for Walkers", by United Press; United Press International - Dec 04, 2007

articleButton "Cleveland Comes in at #29", Submitted by Julie; Cleveland Leader- Dec 04, 2007

articleButton "Denver Ranks High for Urban Walking", by John Rebchook's; Rocky Mountain News - November 29, 2007

articleButton "A Step in Transit - Troy could become regional center for buses, light rail", by Daniel Duggan; Crain's Detroit Business - Nov 12, 2007

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articleButton "ARCHITECTURE VIEW; When Suburban Sprawl Meets Upward Mobility", The New York Times, by Paul Goldberg July 1987